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Endless List of Movies
    ↳ the hunger games (2012)

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And we’ll hate what we’ve lost, but we’ll love what we find.

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when you start talking and no one can hear what you’re saying so you just slowly go quieter and quieter until you stop so that nobody notices how stupid you look

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I love this. He’s like “YOU DUMB FUCK.”

Freaking muggle interviewer.

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When I came to America, I couldn’t drive so I took taxis everywhere…

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My dash is all text posts and i’m loving it so much

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The Hunger Games: Parallels

 Katniss and Peeta holding hands

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What Kristen Stewart did was wrong obviously and I don’t condone cheating but the fact she’s getting dropped from a movie while a rapper who beat the shit out of his girlfriend is winning Grammys is disgusting 

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Beauxbatons Academy has existed for over several hundred years and is a glittering palace! 
Username Graphics
 ↳ Beaubaton 

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